Bold African Style for the Avant Garde and Audacious

Make a statement without words, shine like royalty! Modern, elegant, Afro-Egyptian inspired custom, ready to wear, jewelry, clothing & costumes.


About the Designer – Amesika Kokui

Ame=Human, Sika=Gold

Interior designer by trade and jewelry / fashion designer by fate!

Amesika is in love with and passionate about creating positivity, helping to beautify the world and make people and places shine!

Amesika Beckley was born in Montreal where her Ghanaian father and Jamaican mother met. She also grew up with and was greatly influenced by her super creative grandmother who had studied French haute couture in New York in the 1960s. “Grandma”, bless her loving soul, who was always transforming unexpected objects into works of art, taught Amesika how to be creative with just about anything and how to sew.

Amesika’s creative revelation began in 1998, when some of her favorite jewelry had broken and her attempts to repair it failed. She told herself that if she couldn’t fix it the way it was she would most definitely be able to recreate it in a new way and so she did! While working as a florist at the time, Amesika received so many compliments that she decided to make more jewelry with recycled parts, then later started adding new materials transforming her passion for creativity through jewelry, interior design and now clothing design into a business, a passion which she is still in love with to this day!

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